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The fox is in the hen house.

Poor fox.

27 May 1986
Bisexuality is Real.

Marriage is love.

yaoi is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

a song;

She doesn't own a dress
Her hair is always a mess,
You catch her stealin' she won't confess
She's Beautiful.

Smokes a pack a day, but wait,
That's me, but anyway
She doesn't care a thing
About that hair,
She thinks I'm beautiful
Meet Virginia

She never comprimises,
Loves babies and surprises,
wears high heels when
she exercises
Ain't it beautuiful
Meet Virginia

Well she wants to be the Queen
Then she thinks about her scene
Pulls her hair back as she screams
"I don't really wanna be the Queen"

Daddy wrestles alligators
Mama works on carborators
Her brother is a fine mediator
For the president
And here she is again on the phone
just like me hates to be alone
we just like to sit at home
and rip on the President
Meet Virginia, Mmmm...

Well she wants to live her life
Then she thinks about her life
Pulls her hair back, as she screams
"I don't really wanna live this life"

She only drinks coffee at midnight
When the moment is not right
Her timing is quite, unusual
You see her confidence is tragic, but her
Intuition magic And the shape of her body?

Meet Virgina I can't wait to
Meet Virginia, yeah e yeah hey hey hey

Well she wants to be the queen and
then she thinks about her scene
Well she wants to live her life
then she thinks about her life
Pulls her hair back as she screams
"I don't really wanna be the queen"
I, I don't really wanna be the queen
I, I don't really wanna be the queen
I, I don't really wanna live this

- Train

short summary;
I'm an English Communication graduate who is searching for work after completing schooling. Sucky timing? Maybe. I listen to music almost constantly and when it's not playing I can still be heard humming and occasionally swaying to a song stuck in my head. My music choices are very eclectic. Writing is a passion for me almost if not equal to reading.

Het, Gen, and Slash I love them all if they're done well. I try to keep an open mind but not so open that my brain falls out. This journal will have fiction in it that shall contain sexual content between men and women, women and women, and men and other men. If any of this offends you this likely isn't a place for you.

random likes;
Eel rolls and other forms of sushi wonderfulness(something that disturbs my mother), well written fiction (whether original or of the fan fic variety), high quality graphics, hiking, fencing (with foils), livejournal, open minded intelligent conversation and hyper excited babble (both fun), action movies, sci-fi series, comedy, good drama and almost anything that combines any of these elements.

journal policy;
The only trolls I like are the ones I play as or along side in World of Warcraft.

Critique is welcome, especially if an error in grammar or spelling are found. I'm not even near perfect. My friends would fall over laughing if anyone ever called me such in their presence.

Updates shall happen whenever I remember. >.>;; If it seems like it's been long feel free to give me an encouraging nudge. I won't be offended. I know I can get distracted by shiny fandoms and such. My stories will be unlocked. I am partially friend locked. There will be some fiction that is WIP that will be friend only, and some unedited randomness that I just write here to get out of my system, along side personal RL entries.

If you want to see those just message me or leave a comment asking for an add on an unlocked entry. If I don't then there's a good chance I didn't notice. *cough* But I'll get to it. *sheepish grin* Anyway. Think that's more or less it.

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